Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Well, now I'm really overwhelmed. I tried to drop the class that the advisor talked me into taking, and he's against it. AND I just found out that journalism classes are going to be in pretty short supply, come Spring, so I better take advantage while I can. And I thought this was going to be an easy semester, because I got classes I was actually interested in and I don't have to work full time. Phooey! And why did I think my health problems were going to mysteriously recede? Stress and overwork just exacerbates them. So, now, in addition to considering surgery for my sleep apnea, my asthma has flared up in conjunction with an upper respiratory infection. But hey, I'm cool. I can do this. I conquered the evil Algebra, and I can lick this, too. Perhaps, I'll just work my ass off (an additional benefit) and graduate early. Besides, If I'm being a baby in a Bachelor's program, how do I expect to get my Master's? Trust the force.